Jennifer Yates

Jennifer Yates is an artistic, intuitive landscape and garden designer. Her work focuses on impressive and beautiful- or holistic and ecological–or both!

She combines a lifetime of study in the diverse fields of architecture, horticulture and the environment with a natural gift for color harmonies to create extraordinary, ecologically-grounded landscapes.

Jennifer’s specialty is to sense the ideal mix of plants and architectural elements for the micro-climate of your landscape, and work with you to bring your personal aspirations into form.

Jennifer has led numerous workshops and seminars on topics such as Sustainable Garden Design, Herbs for Health, Rain Gardens, and Interior Plantscapes, as well  as sustainability and preservation of the environment at the Greenwich Botanical Center and Greenwich Library, among other locations.

Would you like to create a beautiful, natural garden for your home? Do you want to avoid chemicals and pesticides and do it all organically? Is it important for you for your garden to live sustainably within its landscape?

Jennifer can help you create such a garden for:
– Butterflies / Pollinators
– Wetlands
– Drought tolerance
– Succession throughout the season
– Herbs and the kitchen

You can contact her at jenniferyates@yatesgardendesign.com, or give her a call at 203.249.6541.

Queen Anne Lace

Academic Background

  • Bachelor of Interior Architecture with a minor in Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design, with concurrent study of Art History at Brown University.
  • Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) Certification.
  • Graduate study in Horticulture at the New York Botanical Gardens.
  • Training with leading teachers of sustainable gardening – Dan Kitteridge and John Ramos.
  • Study of Feng Shui with Master Lynn Yap in Singapore.