Native plant landscape design

Jennifer Yates

Jennifer Yates, B I Arch, Horticulture, founder and owner of Yates Garden Design, NOFA certified, creating organic dream landscapes, brings her passion for color and design to every project she works on, surpassing her client’s expectations. Her background – a college of art, architecture, horticulture, and alchemical expertise – gives her a rare perspective and ability to transform and create harmony for her clients.

With attention to plant placement and repetition, she combines playfulness with structure, achieving harmony. Jennifer finds inspiration in art and the natural world. With this balance, the Earth and the homeowners benefit from improved property value and profound beauty. Her work is sustainable and utilizes an ecological planting design.

Queen Anne Lace

Jennifer has a profound love of the natural world that began when she was a child.  The discovery of ‘Queen Anne’s Lace’ in Nantucket was the beginning of her lifelong love of plants.

Jennifer’s Academic Background

A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Interior Architecture with a minor in Architecture.

She  studied art history at Brown University. A student of horticulture for two years at the New York Botanical Gardens, she trained with two of the top teachers of sustainable gardening – Dan Kitteridge and John Ramos.

In Singapore, she studied Feng Shui with master Lynn Yap.