Our Specialized Services

Yates Garden Design creates organic dream gardens, landscapes, and interior plantscapes for clients. We maximize the potential for beauty inherent in your landscape or garden.  We are only satisfied when we go beyond your expectations. We make gorgeous, customized and sustainable gardens designed in a wide variety of styles. We follow through, delivering a synthesized project–always with the awe factor; from modern and streamlined, to a romantic theme of lush plantings, richly scented and verdant–we push the limits of your site to reach its highest potential.We are NOFA certified.

“Gardens affirm that it is possible to cultivate a place of discovery where we may invent something new for ourselves- and therefore the world.” -Sophie Walker


We design gardens and landscapes that are influenced by the style of your home, and the amounts of sunlight, water and microclimates. Careful planning goes into maximizing the potential of the project and for the design of your dreams.

Coastal Gardens  – Artfully designed with the climate factors in mind!

Whether your property bakes in the sun or needs a gorgeous design to match the beauty of sea views, we handle the challenges of this demanding site. The Architectural elements can be linear or interlaced with stunning geometric shapes.

We choose plants that are wind and salt-tolerant enabling us to design a heavenly sandy border with proper structure that will impress all of your neighbors, while most of all you will love your property more!

Shade Gardens – Pure Indulgence or Just Environmentally Happy!

A shady garden border, with a focus on green foliage and cool color palette, including shrubs or trees, becomes the outdoor space to entertain in or relax on a lawn chair. Shade gardens combine with Xeriscaping, especially on properties closer to the equator. It is sublime to see masses of shades of green and feel the lushness of this verdant oasis with a glass of Chardonnay!

Water and Rain Gardens – Designs for beauty, crystal clear water brimming with nature.

Beauty combined with ecology, will draw you into a resplendent paradise of wildflowers and gorgeous plant combinations. Nature will soothe you with  hummingbirds, bees and singing birds. Cisterns, rain chains and storm water planters will be prioritized, while the stormwater chain is managed. A masterful fusion evolves.

Formal or Walled Gardens – Traditional gardens that stand true throughout time.

Formal Gardens hail from the Renaissance period of France or Italy; thus an ordinary garden can be transformed into an enchanting garden of elegance and formality. Precisely and cleverly planned, gardens will emphasize strong axial lines with pleasurable repetition directing the eye to breathtaking landscapes and structures. Herbaceous borders are layered into the scene, with texture, color, and soft forms adjoining stronger ones. Focal flowers could be Japanese Irises, masses of lavender, climbing and shrub roses, and herbaceous borders.

Herbal Gardens, Wildflower Meadows, Potager and Trough

We create elegant formal herb gardens or quaint informal herbaceous and perennial borders. From Aromatic, culinary, wildcraft, climbing jasmine, medicinal to ornamental.

Weathered troughs make great container gardens filled with alpines, dwarf plants, cyclamens, bulbs, corms, and bonsai to name a few.

Herb Gardens can be culinary, medicinal, or fragrant in nature.

Kitchen Garden-You can create a kitchen garden by using espaliered plants, resulting in a highly productive formal or informal garden. Arbors are abundant with flowers , vegetables and fruits.

Wildflower Meadows are lush with richness and diversity and make beautiful views from the building or homes’ interior.

The Cutting Garden – More than an indulgence.

Cutting gardens are a necessity for the flower lover, growing a variety of plants which are known for color and fragrance that are a joy in a vase. These organic beauties will last much longer than store-bought flowers and will bring beneficial energy into your home. We can help you grow delightful flowers for maximum cutting potential.

Mediterranean, or Islamic Gardens, Indoor and Outdoor Transitional Rooms, Courtyard or Secret Gardens Mediterranean gardens love their cypress trees, richly-planted herbaceous beds,  Moorish influenced tiles, curving and circular shapes, gravel & pebbles, & winding paths.

Greenhouses make great transition room from the indoors to outdoors. Pergolas, and stone terraces flow with this transition space, while year round plantings create an ambiance to delight the eye.

Courtyard gardens are either open or more cloistered, creating a place to entertain, sun porches are an alternative to greenhouses, open year-round-welcoming, transitional space. Have architectural features that catch the eye and masses of climbing plants and focal points.

Secret gardens are small gardens with a quiet place for retreat or contemplation. A large focus here is on mystery and intimacy. Water features, seating and benches, and planting schemes are brimming with colors and textures.

Sundial and Evening/Moon Gardens 

Sundial Gardens include a sundial which tells time. Usually placed in the most formal garden “room.”

Moon or Evening Gardens include flowering plants that open or release their aromas after the sun has gone down, and can include hardier northern plants. This garden style is always romantic, light and flowy.

Soil Evaluation, Rectification and Site Improvements 

We are eager to help you do things right from the start with your project. In these days of climate extremes we want you to have your site’s issues ironed out before we install plants, etc. This will ensure you can handle the droughts and rain events which can be devastating unless the foundation is laid to handle these changes.

Rock and Container Gardens

Rock and Gravel Garden Design 

“One doesn’t pass time in a rock garden- in a rock garden, time stops altogether,” said Panayoti Kelaidis. We focus on seasonal color, using a range of alpine plants, among others. The miniature rhododendron looks like a bonsai – delicate and glorious. Whether you commission rockery or a proper rock garden, we design to fullest potential of the site.

Container Gardens Designs 

Using one of a kind vessels or colors which bring harmony, brimming with innovative plant combinations. Designed specifically for your needs they add weight, color & seasonal interest.Within an architectural design, container gardens can be used to create order & balance. Mosquito repellant plantings that can be moved on and off the patio. Herbal and edible plantings are located outside the kitchen door.

Exterior Home Staging with Plants and Design

Make your home stand out with the curb appeal and fabulous containers. Flowers make people feel at home and will imagine living there themselves. Maximize the selling potential of your home or business.


Junya.Ishigami+Associates. Kanagawa Institute of Technology. Kanagawa, Japan
. 2010

Jennifer Yates won the Golden Trowel Award for the best urban landscape design in Greenwich, CT.

According to the former director of Wave Hill, Kate French, “Gardens and landscapes are canvases on which we explore our evolving relationships to nature.”

Interior Plantscaping – Create an oasis of nature’s wonder and healing in your home or workplace.

Diverse & Climate Change Resistant Landscapes – “The more you increase the diversity of what you grow the more resilient the land becomes.” – Mark Diacono

In Sarah Stein’s garden, there is a natural succession from shade garden to formal garden to wildflower woods to meadow to very little cultivated lawn. Plants are placed in groups or drifts as they would be found in nature.

Healing or Zen Landscapes – Serene, contemplative, and for personal transformation

Healing and Zen Landscapes are for body, mind and spirit alignment. These highly personal gardens are usually soulful, with simplicity of arrangement and yin and yang balance. Healing and Zen landscapes include gardens with selected plants, herbs and water features that work with nature’s harmonic resonance to create energetic alignment.